Friday, April 7, 2017

Halfway through Ride between the Stars!

Today, I'm halfway through Ride between the Stars—7,500 miles into a 15,000 mile ride—and I want to write a post thanking people whose GoFundMe and private donations helped make this journey possible. You've touched my heart and I'll never forget your kindnesses. Thank you so much for your contributions to this cause. You are the true stars of this effort.

Susan Passerotti

Susan DePlacido

debbie ice

Audrey Kai

Alicia Gifford

Cliff Garstang

Russell and Betty Miller

Lesley Weston

Claudia Putnam

Jill Stegman

Carrie Berry

Susan Tepper

Craig Terlson

Maryanne Stahl

Anonymous donors

Fran Friel

Leah Arslanian

Sue Haigh

Sammy Grisham

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